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Our Story

By sex workers, for sex workers

The only accounting firm run exclusively by sex workers.

Our Mission

I founded Daisy Does Taxes in response to an overwhelming need in the sex work community for quality tax and accounting services from a licensed professional with a thorough understanding of the adult industry from a sex worker’s perspective. My team and I are committed to providing sex workers in all facets of the adult industry with the professional services, resources, and support they need to navigate taxes and finances in a stigmatized world.

Our Promise

Our services are always completely confidential and judgment-free. We provide a safe space where you can discuss any aspect of your business, and know that you are welcomed and supported.


Meet Our Professionals

Daisy, Owner and Founder of Daisy Does Taxes



Daisy is our fearless leader, and the primary tax professional for Daisy Does Taxes. She has worked in the adult industry for over 10 years in many different capacities, and is thrilled to put her accounting degree to good use! Daisy is an Enrolled Agent, meaning that she is enrolled to practice and represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. She is also a Licensed Tax Consultant in the state of OR (License #1923443-C). Her thoughtful, thorough approach to tax accounting rivals the quality of work seen in prestigious tax firms. In her free time, she enjoys playing and cuddling with her dog, three cats, and various foster animals, as well as singing with her local community choir.



Maddox is our invaluable Office Manager and Bookkeeper. She recently retired from the SW industry after 15 years and is happy to give her full focus to serving our wonderful clients. She is an NACPB certified bookkeeper, and is working diligently to continue her education in accounting and payroll. Outside of work, she spends most of her time outdoors and/or camping with her partner, or enjoying a Lord of the Rings movie night in her living room. A self-described introvert, she finds genuine happiness in helping people and loves her job as Office Manager.



Lotus is the Social Media Manager for Daisy Does Taxes, bringing over 10 years of experience in marketing and the spicy industry. Renowned for her creative use of “spicy puns”, she adds a unique flair to her marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Lotus enjoys exploring nature with her dog Autumn, engaging in various artistic hobbies, and researching ancient history and mythology.



Travis, Daisy’s husband, has been Daisy Does Taxes’s biggest supporter since day one. He’s worn a lot of different hats over the years, from seasonal tax preparer to utilizing his background in education to create informative client resources. These days, his primary role is in systems management, ensuring that our internal processes are flowing efficiently. Outside of work, Travis is currently working on a video game and writing and recording music. Fun fact: he composed and recorded the short “jingle” for our YouTube video intros!

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